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As if I needed another reason- this is why I don’t do haunted houses!

I’ll be honest, Halloween is NOT a favorite holiday of mine… for two reasons- not a fan of people in costume (mainly with their faces covered/painted) and I scare easily!

I’ve always been the type to scare easily (don’t take advantage of this, please).  While I like scary movies, I do typically jump, scream, and/or hide my face.  And I’ve also been known to have nightmares as a result. I’m just not a fan of the whole jump-out and scare tactics.  Too much anxiety for me!

Movies are one thing, but haunted houses are a whole new level.  I’m not sure at what age I realized these were just a big NOPE.  But, I decided in college that I would attend a haunted house put on by one of the sororities on campus.  Bad idea!  I wound up losing an earring and a shoe while I was in there, trying to get away!  They did bring me my items afterward, because there was NO way I was turning around to get them.  And when someone’s hand went down the back of my head, that was it.  I wanted OUT!

When I worked in Macon for a radio station, I had to do a broadcast from a haunted corn maze.  I even watched most of the actors put on their masks… and STILL refused to go in.  I’ve always had a fear of people in costume, so I’m sure the “scary” costumes only add to my fears.

Then I read THIS story:

According to The Washington Post, an actor at a haunted house in Ohio stabbed an 11-year-old boy with a real knife! Police say the actor at the Berea Fairgrounds haunted house used a real knife and stabbed the boy in the foot.  The actor, Christopher Pogozelski, 22, was arrested and charged with negligent assault.

According to authorities, Pogozelski would normally be using rubberized props to attempt scaring the haunted house visitors.  In this case, however, Pogozelski used a “real Bowie Knife.”

Pogozelski reportedly told police he has no intention of hurting anyone, but he wanted the experience to be more realistic.

The young boy is expected to be okay, but either way, pretty sure he won’t be a fan of haunted houses any more!


Have you ever known someone to get hurt at a haunted attraction?  Let me know on Facebook!  I know some of the actors sometimes get injured due to reactions from the visitors when they get scared, but that’s usually not with a dangerous weapon!

I know that Halloween season is upon us… so I’m definitely looking over my shoulder, and NOT attending any haunted attractions myself.  But you do you, boo!  🙂


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