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You guys know how much I love my two fur babies.  Cody, my black lab, is 11 years old (my sweet old man). Harley is a 5 year old mix (we’re assuming Pit mix, but have no idea really).

These two are the best, but they have their moments when they make me crazy!  I can always count on them to make me smile, snuggle me when I’m not feeling good, make me get out for a walk or play time in the backyard… and they definitely keep me laughing– especially my silly Harley girl.

For whatever reason… she does NOT like when her daddy cuts grass.  Although it’s more so the weed eater and the blower that she can’t stand.

On Sunday, I was in the kitchen trying to meal prep… and this girl was losing her mind.  She goes to the front door (she can’t see him) and starts doing whatever this is?  And then when he gets to the backyard, by the back door– it’s ON!  She gets her Kong and proceeds to do this move:

*also, see Cody’s cameo 🙂 *

I don’t know why… because if she’s out there with him, she’s terrified and stays away! I think my pup is broken! Haha.

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