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It’s been a while, guys!  Hope you have all been doing great, and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend (and now short work week!).

Over the holiday weekend, we celebrated my fiancé’s birthday (Sunday)… and I got him a Blackstone.  Apparently these things are all the rage right now– and I’m starting to see why already!

We got his Blackstone on Friday, then headed to the Carolina Dragway on Saturday morning.  They had Coffee & Cars out there, plus drag racing.  So we got a good parking spot, checked out the cars… then grilled out and watched some great drag races.  Later on we went back home to season up the Blackstone and make our first meal– Bacon, egg and cheese burgers.  I think it was my idea to throw the eggs on there– I love a burger that way.  They turned out AWESOME!

Sunday, his actual birthday, was WAY more low-key.  But we did make breakfast on the Blackstone… YUM!  Bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes.  We enjoyed the cooler weather and ate outside.  Spent most of the day just relaxing and letting the pups play.

Then Monday, we were itching to get into something, so I suggested we go take a walk around Brick Pond Park.  It’s one of our favorite spots to ride bikes, and we ALWAYS stop to check for gators.  This time, we were just walking… BUT!  We finally got to see a BIG gator up close.  In case you don’t know– I’m fascinated by gators.  I want to see them… but I’m also TERRIFIED.

This particular one had about 10 babies nearby, and she wasn’t a fan of people with dogs on the bridge above her.  It was an awesome experience though.  We saw another one earlier in our walk, but not near this close!

Check out my photos from the weekend– and let me know your favorite Blackstone recipes on my Facebook page when ya get a second!

Hey friends! I got my fiancé a BLACKSTONE for his birthday this past weekend. Drop ALL your favorite recipes! Our first meal was bacon, egg and cheese burgers… YUM!

Posted by Radio Blaine on Wednesday, September 8, 2021