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Today is National Radio Day, and we’re celebrating by highlighting your favorite on air personalities! They share their passion for radio, and some fun photos too!

Blaine has been in radio for over 10 years, here’s what she has to say about her time in the business!

I can’t really pinpoint the moment I thought, “Hey I wanna do radio!” but I can say, once I switched my major in college to communication, I immediately fell in love.  Maybe it’s my love of talking… or entertaining!  But I was drawn to radio– and when they say it gets in your blood– it’s TRUE!  Throughout my time in the industry, some of my favorite moments are meeting listeners and learning more about them… but also helping them!  I love how we become friends with our listeners, and we’re given so many opportunities to give back.  I love being on air… but it’s the connection I make with my community that really makes what we do special.  And of course, going to concerts and meeting artists is always fun too! 🙂