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Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Hitting Kroger Stores!

Ah, the memories!  I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I stepped foot in a Chuck E. Cheese… but it’s been a LONG time! I have very little memories of the full Chuck E. Cheese experience, other than being terrified of that rat!  Ha. I do also have vague memories of the ball pit.  Which was super fun at the time, but as an adult all I can think about are germs and what in the world could be hiding in there! But, remember the Chuck E. Cheese Pizza? 

Anyway… I write all that to say, you have a chance to experience a little bit of Chuck E. Cheese at home.  The company will be rolling out there new frozen versions of their pizzas at Kroger stores across the country.  So maybe you can’t take the kids out for pizza and skeeball (I love skeeball!), but these frozen pizzas can bring a little bit home.  

The pizzas come in two varieties- cheese and pepperoni.  Which makes sense, because I’m pretty sure that’s the most COMMON kid-approved pizzas! They’re $6.99 each.  Also, each pizza comes with 250 e-tickets to be redeemed at Chuck E. Cheese locations. So, will you be looking for Chuck E. Cheese pizza in Kroger?

So that’s pretty cool, right?  And if all else fails, or you’re just craving something else from their menu, you can always just order food online and swing by to pick it up! 

Source: ChewBoom

Funny thing, remember last year when Chuck E. Cheese disguised themselves on GrubHub to get people to order their pizza?