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Actress Reese Witherspoon films a scene on the set of "Legally Blonde" October 21, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA.

It’s been 20 years since Reese Witherspoon graced us with her hard-working determination to overcome blonde stereotypes in becoming a Harvard-grad lawyer.

Her Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods, was a sorority girl who wanted to win back her pretentious ex-boyfriend by getting a Juris Doctor degree at Harvard Law School. Her iconic character ends up triumphing as a successful lawyer through strong self-confidence and fashion expertise.

Witherspoon, now 45, posted to her Instagram yesterday (July 13) rare behind-the-scenes photos in celebration of the film’s 20-year anniversary.

Captioned, “Omigod you guys ….#LegallyBlonde premiered 20 years ago TODAY! Time flies when you’re busy using legal jargon in your every day life. 😆 But truly… playing Elle Woods was the role of a life time and I’m so honored to have been a part of sharing her story with you all. Every meme, graduation cap, musical number, halloween costume and bend & snap has brought me so much JOY over these past two decades! 💕 I wonder… what will Elle do next?”

Last year, the cast of Legally Blonde held a reunion to reminisce the movie as part of a fundraiser. “It was just like senior year, except for funner!! 💕 Thank you to this wonderful group of people who came together to reminisce on #LegallyBlonde all these years later. Every time someone mentions how #ElleWoods inspired them, it brings me so much joy,” Witherspoon wrote.

Costar Selma Blair also posted about the movie’s 20-year anniversary on Instagram writing, “This was a time before cameras on phones. I walked around with a tiny vintage camera but never remembered to take many. I was too busy hanging out with Matt Davis talking in my trailer, or watching Reese work. I made lifetime friends. Fell on my face impersonating Billy Elliot. Right after the group shot. Where I am standing on my toes. Trying to be taller. While Reese was inside… on set working. Making Elle Woods. 💘 I love you all.”

You can watch the cast reunion video below: