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Several fast food employees in Nashville are in trouble after reckless actions cause a fire at the restaurant.

Playing With Fireworks

The employees at a Taco Bell in Nashville decided to set off fireworks INSIDE of the restaurant last week.  Not surprisingly, the explosions caused a fire.  The fire resulted in more than $30,000 in damages.

The incident happened on July 5. But investigation into the blaze took an unexpected turn when surveillance footage surfaced.  The footage shows employees playing with fireworks inside the restaurant. The employees are seen locking the doors, preventing customers from entering.

Then, the employees are seen running around inside the dining area with fireworks in their hands.  At one point they disappear into the men’s restroom, before reappearing and placing an item in a trash can.

The employees were using their cell phones to record the action from outside of the restaurant.  At that point, they realize, they locked themselves out of the restaurant. After an unsuccessful attempt to get into the building, the employees notice the smoke and called 911.

Firefighters arrived shortly after the call and forced their way into the restaurant to put out the fire.


The fire department estimated around $30,000 of damages.  The shift leader, a 25-year-old, was taken into custody on Monday.  She is being charged with felony aggravated arson.

They expect to have additional arrests coming soon.

The Nashville Fire Department points out that “Arson is one of the costliest human-made disasters.”  Adding that “Arson indirectly contributes to increased insurance premiums, higher medical costs, lost jobs, lost income and the increased costs of fire services.”

But why?

So many questions with this story.  Why did they think it was a good idea to play with fireworks inside the restaurant? And how did they NOT expect to get caught (even if it didn’t result in the level of damage)?

Thankfully no one was injured (thanks to the employees locking customers out).  But you just have to wonder what in the world is going through someone’s mind to take this type of action.

Source: ABC News