The Nabisco logo is visible at an Oreo cookie display in a store July 1, 2003 in Miami, Florida. Kraft Foods Inc., the nations largest food manufacturer and the maker of Nabisco cookies and crackers, plans to examine the nutrition of its products and take steps to fight obesity and promote health.

Oreo is rolling out two new limited-edition flavors of its beloved sandwich cookie — apple cider donut and salted caramel brownie.

Today (July 12) the cookie company verified salted caramel brownie as its newest flavor addition, teasing the flavor alongside apple cider donut as part of their “live press conference” on Twitter last Thursday. Describing their newest flavor as “savory, sweet, rich and irresistible,” the two flavors are coming to stores near you very soon.

The salted caramel brownie flavor will features two layers of creme, including caramel creme and brownie-flavored creme. The cookie will also be topped with salt:

The apple cider donut Oreos will be released in August, in time for autumn, dubbed as “sultry cookie fall” by the company’s Twitter. The cookies will reportedly have apple cider flavored creme with Golden Oreo cookies:

Oreo cookie fans are excited for the flavor reveals. Check out their reactions below:

This isn’t the first time Oreo has unveiled new flavors or collaborations, getting together with Krispy Kreme with an Oreo cookie glazed doughnut and the Oreo cookie over-the-top doughnut that were available through April. The collaboration with the cookie company marks the first time in Krispy Kreme’s 84-year history it has teamed up with another brand to create a new glaze, USA Today reported.

Prior to that in January, the company and Lady Gaga released a specialty-themed package of colorful Oreos inspired by her album, Chromatica. The cookies were “pink-colored Golden Oreo cookies with green colored creme” and featured designs inspired by the album on the wafers.