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Well, this TikTok just took me back to my childhood!  Who remembers Lisa Frank?!  All the bright colored art… the notebooks, the folders.  We loved them all.

And this lady found some at Walmart recently!  It brings back all the feels.  I remember hoarding Lisa Frank stickers… and trying to color my pictures the way she did– using only the brightest of colors.

This lady also found a Trapper Keeper!  Say WHAT?!  Now, I don’t remember a lot about the Trapper Keeper… because after 2nd grade I was homeschooled and didn’t get a lot of the same school supplies that kids in public school did.  But still!  If this TikTok doesn’t have you day dreaming about the simpler times… you must not be an 80s/90s kid!  🙂

And can we also take a moment to appreciate this woman’s excitement?!  She is all of us.  And now I’m off to find my own Lisa Frank gear.  Don’t mind me over here.