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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton applied for a marriage license Tuesday (6/29) in Johnston County, Oklahoma, according to the court clerk (per gossip website TMZ).

The wedding is expected to be soon, as Oklahomans have 10 days from the date they file for a marriage license to actually get married.

It could even be this Fourth of July weekend. Sources with knowledge told TMZ Gwen and Blake are set to marry Saturday (7/3) at Blake’s Oklahoma ranch.

The “source” also said that the couple has an entire weekend of activities and celebrations planned, but they’re staying a bit flexible due to the weather forecast. If mother nature cooperates, the ceremony will be held in an outdoor chapel on the ranch.

Also, from the source, the couple is sending their private plane from Oklahoma to L.A. Thursday to pick up Gwen’s immediate family and whisk them to the heartland.

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