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Perez Hilton attends the Premiere Of Disney's "Mulan" on March 09, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

After Perez Hilton posted an apology video on YouTube called “My Message To Britney Spears And The Free Britney Movement,” Britney fans didn’t buy his apology, as he previously mocked and shunned the singer countless times throughout her career in the past.

The 43-year-old gossip blogger wore a shirt with Britney’s face on it, saying, “First, I’m sorry to Britney Spears. I’ve apologized so many times and I will continue to apologize for my past coverage and treatment of her.”

He continued, “Today, I have been getting so much hate and bullying from people who were and are upset about how I used to talk about Britney Spears. So my message to all of those people is, ‘F— you.’ It just does not compute that you’re going to bully someone for bullying somebody in the past. How does that make you any better than what I did? It doesn’t! Thankfully, I fully own how reprehensible I used to be back in the day. I can see it, I can acknowledge it and I carry with me deep shame and regret. Especially knowing that I contributed to Britney Spears’ pain.”

He also took to Twitter writing, “The media is trying to claim that I called #BritneySpears an embarrassment in my memoir last year. Yes, I did technically write that – WHILE TALKING ABOUT THE PAST and immediately expressing regret that I used to think this way! This is what I really said. #FreeBritney

The media personality accepted that he will be forever haunted for his remarks against Britney:

Perez Hilton retweeted a Twitter user saying, “Bullying is correct if it’s towards Perez Hilton !!!”

Fans rallying behind Britney Spears called out Perez Hilton, Justin Timberlake and US Weekly on Twitter for supporting the singer now, but profited off her struggles in the past:

You can watch Perez Hilton’s video below (NSFW for strong language):

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