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Just thinking about hiccups makes me think I’m about to get them.  I often get them when I’m starving, making eating very tricky.  The method I use to get rid of them is one that I sort of grew up with.  It was explained to me as if it was a family secret that had been sort of tradition for many of my ancestors.  When I was 9 or 10 and while my Grandma was visiting, I got the hiccups.  She politely handed me a butter knife, a glass of water and told me to clock my nostrils with the flat end of the knife and drink all of the water.  Sure enough it worked!  I never had another problem for the next 10+ years.  Then one day it didn’t work and it resulted in feeling like a weirdo.

One fall evening while out with some friends I was hit hard with the kind of hiccups that hurts your ribs.  We were eating a restaurant so I promptly grabbed my butter knife to quickly get rid of them.  As I gulped down the last ounce of my water they hit even harder and were really loud!  One of my friends told me to use her method, which was to hold my arms straight up while someone else held a cup of water while I drank from it. It worked, but my pants were soaked with water and it cause a whole ridiculous and embarrassing scene.  I could’ve really used one of these straws that was just invented.  Scientists have created an L-shaped straw called the HiccAway which has two holes that help create pressure when you drink water through it.  It repositions your diaphragm causing immediate hiccup relief.  They’re $15 on Amazon and here’s what they look like!

Source: NY Post