So why is a bartender from St. Petersburg, FL being called a hero?  Check this out!

Being a single woman in a bar, or really anywhere, can be intimidating… Especially when you garner unwanted attention from someone who won’t take no for an answer.

Thankfully for Trinity, her bartender at No Vacancy in St. Pete was paying attention and took action to help her out.

Max Gutierrez is being called a hero for using this unique approach to letting Trinity know he was aware of the situation and would step in, if she needed it.  He handed her what looked like a receipt, but instead, it was a note.  He acknowledged the guy that was bothering Trinity and her friend and offered to throw him out.  

Trinity’s tweet shows her thankfulness for Max stepping in and says we all need more people like him.  Even Max’s boss encourages all of his employees to follow suit and pay attention to situations like this.  

Before Trinity had a chance to give Max the signal, the creep started getting too close for comfort and Max asked him to leave.

Thankfully, nothing bad happened in this situation– all thanks to a bartender who went above and beyond to make sure his customers were safe.  


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