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Every couple of years my wife and I will do a big purge of things we just don’t need or use anymore.  We recently got rid of some things we had since we lived together in our 20s.  One of those items was a mattress that I owned for over 10 years.  We got a king-sized bed with an adjustable base in 2016 and actually started feeling like legit adults.  Recently, News.com.au shared a list an interior designer put out of the 10 things you shouldn’t have in your home once you’re over 30.  Here they are:

  1. Inflatable furniture.
  2. Stuffed animals on your bed.
  3. Plastic cups(I’ll address at the end), plates and silverware.
  4. Old trophies.
  5. A super-old mattress.
  6. Dreamcatchers.
  7. Paper floor lamps.
  8. Anything space-themed.
  9. Cork boards.
  10. Shot glasses as décor.

I agree with everything on this list except for part of number 3.  If you’re a socializing married couple with or without kids, you have to be ready to host a party.  Plastic cups are essential and not for the reason to make sure you have drinking cups on hand, but to make sure you have cups for beer pong.  Beer pong is the ultimate ice breaker no matter what age you are.  You don’t even have to consume beer to play it.  Red plastic cups should be a necessity for all kitchen pantry’s or cabinets.  Bonus points if they’re any other color but red which is what I prefer as well as the college students that live next door to my wife and I prefer.  I wonder if they think we’re cool?

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