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Wet Nose Wednesday!

Get To Know Me:

Ginger is a 3-4 year old Chow mix (probably). She is about forty pounds. Ginger came from a hoarding situation, where she spent most of her days in a crate. Ginger likes her person. She has singled out one person at the foster home and has attached herself to her. She likes her crate, it’s her safe place. She likes to run and jump. She is very agile. She would probably enjoy some training in this area. She doesn’t like sudden noises or large crowds.

My Perfect Fur-Ever Home:

A relatively quiet home would be best, but one that can provide activity as well. Ginger has not been around children, but she doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body. She does well with other dogs of any size, and cats don’t even raise her eyebrow! Ginger is very playful in the morning….does zoomies around the yard, plays with toys… She has another burst of energy in the evening, otherwise she’s content to lay around. Ginger does show some signs of anxiety at times. She will pace and pant when anxious. At these times she does better when put in her crate. She has never been destructive. No food aggression whatsoever. Ginger is very loving when she becomes comfortable with you. She gets beyond excited to see you in the morning! It’s the best!! She gives the best hugs, you know, the kind where they lean in. She will need patience. She is very slowly coming out of her shell, but it will take some more time and work.


If you are interested in meeting shy and sweet Ginger, please email