A mom is dealing with the backlash after getting real with the mother of her son’s friend and it didn’t end well. In a post to Reddit’s “Am I the a-hole” section, she explains that her son just turned 10 and had a sleepover with his friends to celebrate, but she wouldn’t allow him to invite a pal named James. She doesn’t have any issues with the well-behaved kid, but his mom? She’s caused some problems before and it’s all because she’s always late and her kids are the last ones to be picked up.

At her son’s last sleepover, James’ mom was not only late, she was five hours late. The invitation asked kids to be picked up at 11am after the slumber party and the other three kids were, but not James. His mom responded to texts from the birthday boy’s mom asking when she’d be there, each time offering excuses and assurances she’d be there soon. By 4pm, birthday boy’s mom reached her limit. Her husband left with the kids to go to his parents’ house and she called James’ mom, leaving a voicemail saying if he wasn’t picked up in 30 minutes, she was calling the police to report an abandoned child.

That did the trick and 15 minutes later, James’ mom showed up to get him. “She made a half-a–ed apology about how she was busy with errands and running her other kids to their activities,” birthday boy’s mom explains. When James wasn’t invited to this year’s party, his mom texted to find out why and birthday boy’s mom flat out told her the truth – she wasn’t sure his mom would pick him up in a timely manner since she’s always late. James’ mom called her an “uppity b**ch” and blocked her on social media and her phone. Now birthday boy’s mom is worried she was wrong for being honest, but Redditors assure her it’s James’ mom who’s at fault here.