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Mine and my wife’s routine has changed a little lately.  We recently got a 6 month old puppy which means we’re up EVERY morning between 6:30 and 7:30.  She has to have 5 minutes of morning hugs before she goes outside to go to the bathroom.  She then comes back in and eats, we wait about 20 minutes, then take her back out.  This is what we’re doing every morning for years to come and if you throw a kid in the mix, well, then who knows how early we’ll be up.

Before we got Zoe, our routine was pretty simple.  Wake up Monday – Friday at 8:00 AM, get dressed, make coffee, kiss goodbye drive to work.  Alarm clocks didn’t exist on weekends and sometimes we’d binge entire shows in bed while our cats laid in our laps.  Sometimes we wouldn’t even put regular clothes on until 4:00 PM.  Now that I think about it, it was hard to be productive.  We’d stay up until 3:00 AM painting a guest bedroom which would completely mess us up Monday morning.  We actually prefer getting up with Zoe while ready to take on the day and get a lot of stuff done.  Here are five mistakes made in the morning that ruin productivity according to Huffpost:

  1. Forcing yourself to wake up too early.  Don’t force yourself to be an early bird.  If you need to sleep longer then sleep longer.
  2. Not getting dressed.  Putting clothes on actually tells your brain that something’s about to happen.
  3. Skipping breakfast and not drinking water.  It’s hard to focus if you’re dehydrated and have an empty stomach.
  4. Starting the day in reactive mode instead of proactive mode.  Avoid reaching for your phone first thing in the morning.
  5. Not prepping the night before.  At least know what you’re wearing.  It’s one less decision you’ll have to make.

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