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This week, here’s what we’ve learned about Fenway!

1. It’s the weekend, are you staying up late, or getting up early?

I’m getting up early.

2. Do you have a snack stash in your desk? If so, what’s in it? 

I do have a snack stash and if I reveal what flavor of Cheez-Its I keep in there it will be raided.

3. Does pineapple go on pizza? 


4. What’s your Waffle House go-to meal? 

Waffle with an order of scattered and covered and two sausage patties.

5. What’s one word your 1st grade teacher would use to describe you? 


6. Are Croc’s acceptable shoes to wear in public? 

There’s a time and place to wear these which I have not discovered yet, so I’m going to say that the time and place still doesn’t exist.

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 


8. What’s your spirit animal? 

A giraffe.

9. Andy and Barney OR Ross and Rachel? 

Jim and Pam.

10. Could you give up your cell phone for a week for no money? 

Yep!  I stay away from it for at least 4 days when I go to Bonnaroo. It’s not that bad.

11. What’s one invention you wish you would have created? 

The cocktail shaker.


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