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Ed Sheeran attends the 'Songwriter' press conference during the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival Berlin at Grand Hyatt Hotel on February 23, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.

In a hilarious video posted by BBC Radio 1, Ed Sheeran is asked unfiltered questions by “elite journalists”… which turned out to be 9-10 year-old kids.

10-year-old Betsy asks Sheeran, “I like penguins and I want to meet one. Have you ever worked with anyone that you didn’t like?” Sheeran responds, “Yeah, of course, I’ve definitely worked with people I don’t like. I’ve worked with a hell of a lot of people in my time and I’d say 99.9% of them are really great, but of course, there’s going to be one bad egg.”

10-year-old Patrick tells the 30-year-old he really likes kittens, bunnies and Legos. “Ed, what’s the last lie you told?” After a moment’s pause, Sheeran says, “God, you know I try to be very, very honest in my life ’cause I feel like with lying, you always get called out. Always. There’s never a point where you don’t get called out so I can’t remember the last one, but it was probably a white lie to do with parenting.”

9-year-old Zac cuts straight to the point and asks the “A-Team” singer, “How much money do you have?” This threw Sheeran off, who nervously chuckles, “I’ve been very fortunate to do what I love as a job for a long time. I’ve done alright and I would say I have more than I would ever need, I think. I like doing a lot of stuff for charities, keeping it local. I feel like that’s where to put the energy.” When people Google his net worth, they think “‘Oh he’s got that in the bank,'” but it’s all tied up in “stuff.”

The final question was the “cheekiest” of all, asking if Sheeran had ever done a “pull my finger” prank, to which Sheeran bluntly puts it, “No, I think that trick is quite an American thing. I feel like if you’re British, you just fart. You’ll just be like, deal with it.”