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Every time I think of an alarm clock it brings me right back to waking up early for school.  I always woke up to my favorite radio station.  I could never wakeup to that loud chirping or ringing sound that every clock came with.  I stopped using alarm clocks when you could wake up to your iPod and eventually just started waking up to my phone alarm.  I probably haven’t been awakened by an actual alarm clock in 12 years so when I read that sales were up, I had to assume it was some kind of new trend.

According to The Wall Street Journal and Fortune, alarm clock sales have increased dramatically because people are going back into the office to work.  In fact, Walmart said it sold twice as many alarm clocks last month compared to a year ago.  Here are 5 other things we’ve been stocking up on as the pandemic winds down.

  1. Luggage
  2. Teeth whitening strips and beauty products
  3. Party supplies
  4. New clothing
  5. Razors and other shaving products

Apparently deodorant is flying off the shelves right now.  For the sake of summer in the south, let’s hope our stores stay stocked.

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