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A viral tweet reveals how a woman in labor was asked to finish a work meeting first.

When A Woman’s In Labor

Usually, when a woman’s water breaks, everything around them stops to attend to the woman.  We’ve seen it in movies. The woman and anyone around her springs into action to get her to the hospital and get everything she needs. Right?

Not so in this case. 

This viral tweet shows that not everyone has that mindset. The tweet is written by the friend of the pregnant woman.

Yep, you read that right!  The woman’s water breaks during a meeting.  When she acknowledges it, someone has the nerve to ask if they can finish the meeting first. Um, WHAT?

Not sure what the woman’s role at this company was, but she must take her job very seriously.  Because she does finish the meeting– from her car on the way to the hospital. 

A Messed Up Work/Life Balance?

How do you feel about this?  It seems like a huge lack of regard for the situation at hand.  Child birth can be a potentially urgent, even life-threatening, event.  The fact that no one stepped up to put a halt to the meeting and make efforts to help her is a bit disturbing.

While there are countless stories of women working through contractions, you have to wonder if it’s a choice or if they feel like that’s just what is expected.

This seems to be a situation that really makes you question the work/life balance.  And how all too often, employers can seem to have unrealistic expectations and employees feel pressured to conform… even if that means giving up their free time.  Or in this situation– put herself at risk to make sure the work was handled.

Have you ever been in a tricky situation?  Maybe not giving birth… but maybe being sick or just overworked and still expected to perform?

Can you imagine being a woman in labor and being asked to finish a meeting? 

Source: Parents

From what we know of the story, the woman made it to the hospital to give birth. Thankfully it wasn’t a situation like this one!