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Growing up and taking trips to Philadelphia was one of my favorite things to do. Why? Well for the pretzels of course! Today (4/26) is National Pretzel Day and the first pretzel was created centuries ago! Catholic monks created the first pretzels from scraps of leftover dough and the unique knot shape represented the Holy Trinity. Nowadays we enjoy pretzels in knots, dogs, and even clothing. Hold on tight, because we’re about to get twisted with some awesome products you’ll want if you’re a true pretzel lover. 

Pretzel Shaped Pillows

pretzel shapped pillows

It’s time to snuggle and go to bed…but not without your big pretzel pillow. With sprinkles and all, this just might be my favorite item on the list. This Chocolate covered pretzel throw pillow is filled with microbeads and a fun way to spice up your dull bedding. The colors are vibrant and per a review, “the holes make great cup holders too!”

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Pretzel Stand

wooden pretzel stand

Ready to impress your friends? Once we can have gatherings again and those dinner parties with our friends, this wooden pretzel holder is a fun way to show your guests a good time. This holder helps keep your pretzels free from germs and even makes a great gift for that ultimate pretzel lover in your life.

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Pretzel Face Mask

pretzel face mask

Stay safe and represent your love for pretzels with a washable mask. The graphic on this mask is a pretzel pattern and made high quality 100% Polyester Fiber and is machine washable. This is a favorite of ours because it’s effective, stylish, and makes us hungry.

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Soft Pretzel Zone Sign

soft pretzel zone crossing sign

Don’t want people to miss your at-home pretzel stand? We get it. This Pretzel Crossing Sign Zone is a 12″ Tall Plastic Sign and will notify anyone crossing your path of the delicious hot pretzels you have to serve. This is a perfect product to hang in your game room, kitchen, or even garage! We love it because it’s simple and to the point.

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Pretzel Pop Socket

Pretzel Pop Socket
Your phone is an extension of you so decorate it with a pretzel-loving pop socket. This product is the perfect design for people that are passionate about their pretzels. Pop sockets are very easy to use and work. Just peel the sticky tape and press this bad boy right on the back of your phone for easy holding. 

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“The Office” Pretzel Day Graphic T-Shirt

"The Office" Pretzel Day Graphic T-shirt

As we end our list, we end it with style and a reminder…you will have only 365 days until the next National Pretzel Day! Coming in ten different colors, this shirt is inspired by “The Office” and pays tribute to the mockumentary style sitcom from NBC. Just like the whole staff said, “Live Everyday like its Pretzel Day.”

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