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A perfect combination of blue skies, greenery and water!

I was lucky enough to catch some beautiful views on the Greeneway this past weekend!

For those that don’t know much about me, I’m a runner.  Not a great one, but a runner nonetheless!

Usually on the weekends, if the weather cooperates, I like to take my runs to the Greeneway in North Augusta.  During the week, it’s usually treadmill running at the house.

A little back story:

I’ve been running for quite a few years now.  I’ve got 2 half marathons under my belt, and could never see myself doing a full marathon.  Last year, I started having some pain in my ankle.  I’d sprained it terribly the year before (around the same time of year too).  So I thought I’d just re-activated an old injury after a 7 mile run.  The pain got pretty bad and I finally went to my ankle and foot doctor.

Surprisingly– to both myself and the doctor– my foot was broken.  In an area that wasn’t even hurting at the time.  So I spent like 8 weeks in a boot.  BLAH.  Terrible.  And for someone who’s highly active, it was even worse.  Plus, the walking the pups was affected too.

Anyway– since I got out of the boot, I’ve been trying to gradually build my running back up.  But, I’m not making a ton of progress.  I joke and say every time I FINALLY get to the point I love running– I get injured. But anyway, that’s not really the point.  Just wanted to share my struggles. Ha!

Get to the point, Blaine!

So on the weekends when I have more time, and the weather is nice, I try to get some more mileage in at the Greeneway (it’s way prettier and less hilly than my neighborhood!).

Let me just say, I am incredibly grateful for spring!  I absolutely hate running in the cold.

This past weekend I decided I’d get on the Greeneway at a different spot than normal– because after a while, you get bored running the same stretch!

And MAN, am I glad I did!  I got to see the most beautiful views.  Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous spring day.  I got on the Greeneway near the soccer complex and ran toward SRP Park.  I got in a 5K (3.1 miles), and then decided to go back toward the river, slow down and walk a bit.  That’s when I snapped some of the gorgeous pictures you’ll see below!

The combination of being by the water, and the beautiful weather definitely was good for my soul.  I’ve always found being by water (more so the ocean, but any body of water will do) has MAJOR calming effects on me.  I’ve decided I may have to drive a little further more often to enjoy the beautiful views that are right here in our own backyard!  I tend to forget just how beautiful some areas around town are!

Let me know your favorite views in the CSRA on Facebook!  Also… what other spots should I check out?

Oh… and also, I’d love to know great places to ride a motorcycle!  🙂

Here are the beautiful views on the Greeneway from the weekend!