According to WJBF, a thief that has disguised himself as a Walmart employee has struck the Evans Walmart a fourth time.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s office needs your help if you know the suspect’s identity.  The guy has stolen almost $10,000 worth of merchandise- mostly Airpods and iPhones.  Sheriff Deputy Ken Waller says the guy never spends much time in the store. Since he’s wearing a Walmart vest, he is inconspicuous.  Although it is curious as to why other employees haven’t noticed him and wondered about how long he’s worked at the store.

The man seems to have a key that gives him easy access to the electronics cases in the store, but law enforcement does not believe the man previously worked at the store.

This last time he entered the store was April 7th.  This time, however, he was wearing a short sleeve shirt that shows a distinct tattoo on his left forearm.  The tattoo is just below the elbow, on the front of his forearm.  It’s a blue star, similar to a Dallas Cowboys star.  There’s another tattoo above that one, but it’s difficult to make out what it is.

The thief’s vehicle is almost caught on security footage from the Evans Walmart.  He is seen in a white 2-door coupe with black racing stripes.

In Georgia, shoplifting over $1,500 is considered a felony.  Deputy Waller says this suspect is currently facing 4 felony charges at this point.

They are asking for anyone with information about the man’s identity, to please call the Columbia County Sheriff’s Department.  They ask that you do not confront the man if you see him.

The number for Columbia County Sheriff’s Office: 706-541-2800

For more on the story and photos, click here.

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