AUGUSTA, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 15: A detail of the pin flag on the ninth green during the final round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on November 15, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

What’s Up Crew?

As we all know it is Golf Week in Augusta. I was thinking that it would be fun to talk about my experiences with the sport of Golf.  I was never a golf fan until I moved to Augusta, and then realized that all the other golf courses are just not up to par… The couple of time I was fortunate enough to get on the course (not to play by any means, you will soon know why they should not have let me out there to begin with) I was amazed at how beautiful it is, and the TV coverage does not do it any justice.  In addition, golf fans are really nice and polite.  So, one of the great things that happen when golf week rolls around include people coming from all over the world to our town. I grew up in a place called Alief Texas, it is on the Southwest side of Houston, and is part of Houston now, but was not back then.  Well, I was driving down I-20 and saw this guy….


Notice the sticker in the lower left, who would have ever thought?  Anyways, here are just three reasons why The National should never let me near their course.  Number 1, I am horrible at golf, and I have realized that the more frustrated you get, the worse your game is, that is why I have lost at least 300 golf balls in the water, bushes, trees, and some I think just disappeared, this was all while playing only about 6 rounds of golf.  Number 2, the few times I played, my friends created the “Snowman Rule.”  What is that you ask?  It is not in the official rulebook I promise!  It is when a player is so bad, that they only allowed them 8 swings on any hole, otherwise you will be there all day.  Number 3, I am so bad, that I have actually hit someone’s golf cart, while they were in it, driving, and on a totally different fairway.  That is only three reasons why I am not allowed to play golf anymore.  So enjoy the week, and I will see you the next time I sneak into Top Golf.


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