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With National Pet Day being on Sunday, I’m getting a vibe from my cats.  Usually they scream at me when I get home from work.  A few weeks ago they started pawing and yelling at the door to the garage while we’ve been cooking dinner.  We now let them out so they can roam around the garage and do whatever a cat does out in a garage, while we fix delicious meats that they use to jump on the counter and try to eat.  Because I believe cats are in sync with the moon phases, they’ve been extra calm the last few days as if they know National Pet Day is on Sunday.  We even took them outside on their leashes last weekend.

This is Camu, the oldest.

This is Riff Raff, the biggest.

They didn’t try and run from us once and the biggest one, Riff Raff, ran to me as soon as he saw me come outside.  Well, he’s actually the most dog-like cat you’ll ever meet.  My point is, anyone who has a cat knows the trials, tribulations and negotiations that come with being a cat owner.  They like to walk on your head for no reason at 3:48 AM, or fall asleep on top of you as your alarm is about to go off.  Or my favorite, completely miss the litter box after you’ve cleaned the room they reside in.  While dogs still seem to be the most popular pet out there, cats seem to know when their “appreciation” day is coming.  It reminds me of being eight years-old and being good from Thanksgiving though December 26th.