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About a year ago, my wife and I received a wedding invite in the mail.  One of our good friends who had recently moved to Atlanta was getting married.  While we were very excited for her, we couldn’t help but think, “what if we’re still in this pandemic?”  Sure enough, we were two weeks away from the wedding.  While the vaccine availability was in it’s early stages, we were prepared to whatever we needed to do to make sure the bride and groom had an awesome wedding day.  Sure enough, it went pretty smooth and we also discovered how beautiful Young Harris, GA is.

Upon arrival, we checked into the front desk at the lodge we were staying at and were given a bag with a specific set of instructions:

  1. Pregame with these Whiteclaws.
  2. Wear these masks.
  3. Have fun!

So we did!

The scenery was amazing.

Nothing kept the happy couple from celebrating their amazing day.

A few small requirements couldn’t ruin this wonderful evening and celebration.

All in all, we were just excited to go to an actual event with more than 10 people while not having to meet and talk to new people on a screen. For the first time in a year, everything felt basically normal.