So, I was hanging out with some of my friends over the weekend. As always the conversation turned to some adventures, we have all had in the past. We talked about White Water Rafting, Concerts, Cruises, and Beach Trips etc. We were having a good time. I just had a discussion with another friend last week about meeting up in Colorado for a few days next year. I have never been to Colorado, everyone says how beautiful it is, and I would like to go check it out sometime. Well, this same friend‘s daughter just climbed a mountain when she was there not too long ago. This is when I just need to keep my big mouth shut! I suggested to the friends last weekend that we all plan a trip to Colorado, and we can do some cool stuff! I suggested Jumping out of a plane, White Water Rafting and climbing a mountain, surly we can knock that all out in a few days? It has become obvious that it is up to me to plan this wonderful trip. Therefore, I looked up skydiving schools. I am surly not jumping out by myself, heck no, I need a dive instructor to make sure I survive! Well apparently there is a weight limit… not very high, I mind you. I talked to my coconspirators about this situation and how we could still pursue the trip. We all agreed that jumping out of a plane is not worth giving up Nachos and BBQ for a year. So now, the back-up plan needs to be created. The plan is now to proceed with White Water Rafting, Climbing a mountain, and getting our real skinny friend to jump out of the plane and video tape it for us to watch later on TV… while having Margaritas and Nachos. I think that is a win-win for everyone!!

– Chad