I’m not sure how parents manage to handle these situations.  The dad is doing some investigating to see who got into the cupcakes.  Thankfully, he decided to video it– and the results are great!

Apparently, little TJ pushed a chair up to the kitchen counter and enjoyed some cupcakes (or at least the icing).  When dad questions him about it, TJ denies it.  But CLEARLY there’s evidence, but TJ doesn’t realize it.  His dad asks him over and over, and each time he says, “No”.  It’s one of the cutest little No’s ever… And at least he sticks to his story!  But as a parent, how do you not laugh?  I would’ve lost it!

I’m sure you parents have similar stories!  Kids are awesome, aren’t they?



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If you’re gonna eat the cupcakes… you can’t deny it when there’s evidence on your face and hands!