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This dog loves to greet her neighbors so much that her parents put up a sign!

If you don’t already know, I am a dog LOVER!  Any time I see a dog, you’ll hear me say something like– Look at that baby! And for those closest to me, they know it’s not a human baby.  I’m the type of person who will know your dog’s name, and remember it, long before I’ll remember yours.  Sorry, it’s not on purpose! I can never get enough of all the sweet pups I meet.  I’ve even had to hold myself back from asking to pet the police K-9s.

When I saw this sweet girl, I thought– my two pups are just like this!  My two LOVE people.  Always want all the attention.  On walks, if they see a person, they assume that person wants to pet them.  But my two do get a little too rowdy, so I have to reign them in.

Potato, however, is an extremely social dog that loves to greet her neighbors.  So much so, her parents put up a sign! Even as a puppy, Potato would hang out in the front yard waiting to greet any neighbors who came by.  Once the pandemic started, it seemed neighbors were afraid Potato’s parents wouldn’t want her greeting everyone.  But, her parents know how much it means to Potato, so they crafted a sign.  They wanted to showcase her personality and let people know it’s OK to say hi to her.

It looks like the sign was a huge hit too!  Potato has even more visitors than before!  Possibly because of the pandemic and people are out walking more.

Just check out this cute sign!

I mean, honestly, who can say NO to that face?!  I’d make sure to adjust my route through that neighborhood just to say hi to her every day!

Potato has not only become a neighborhood celebrity, but she’s also got her own Instagram page with over 16K followers.  Her joy is contagious!  We need more like this in the world– now more than ever!  There’s just too much cuteness!

Do you have a dog that loves to greet her neighbors?

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