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Last year I remember being extremely bummed out because St. Patrick’s Day was basically cancelled.  It was not recommended for anyone to gather in a bar or for a parade because they were now considered one of the newest dangers we learned about in 2020; a super spreader.  Nonetheless I wore green, had a green beer and made my annual St. Patrick’s Day bratwursts with the optimism that 2021’s St. Patrick’s Day was going to be LIT.  Boy was I wrong.  I made the brats again though and here’s how you can experience this wonderful magic I stumbled upon!


First you place the raw bratwursts in a dish and cover them with onions.

Then you submerge everything in your favorite beer.

Use the whole beer, cover the dish and then refrigerate for 24 hours.

After 24 hours and in your favorite St. Patrick’s Day attire, dump everything into a crockpot, add sauerkraut(personal preference), and cook on high for a minimum of two hours.

Once the brats are cooked and ready to serve, the rest is up to you.  No bun can hold the juices that will spew out of these delicious creations who’s recipe I made up while buzzed and starving on a St. Patrick’s Day weekend when I was 22.

Cheers to doing Irish Car Bombs together next year…hopefully.  If not just come over to my house and we’ll have a mini pub crawl.