Imagine thinking you’re an only child, only to find out you have THIRTY (that’s 3-0) siblings!

That’s what happened to Andy, a TikToker from Atlanta.  Like many of us, he had taken a DNA test, then went to TikTok to share what he found.

There are trends on TikTok, one of which Andy responded to- a question asking if anyone had taken a DNA test and uncovered a family secret.  And this one is a SHOCKER!

Upon taking the DNA test, Andy found out that his dad was NOT his dad.  He also discovered his biological dad was a sperm donor.  Therefore, Andy found out he has 30 siblings as a result! He’s in the process of trying to meet all of them.

What sparked this, was his father telling him he was mostly French and English in ancestry, and when Andy’s results didn’t match up, he started digging.  He saw his mom on the results, but the other parent wasn’t his dad… So he searches for the guy and finds out he is the second oldest of 31 kids total for this guy!

His parents knew the situation with the sperm donor. But, they failed to give Andy a heads up when he took the DNA test.  Can you imagine?  Would you be angry that your parents never told you?

After Andy’s discovery and videos on TikTok, some of his siblings have reached out with videos introducing themselves.  Andy has shared these videos of his siblings from the US and beyond.

Have you ever uncovered a family secret this mind-blowing?


(SOURCE: Unilad)


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