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Soleil Moon Frye attends the 10th Anniversary Gala Benefiting CORE hosted by Sean Penn, Bryan Lourd And Vivi Nevo at Wiltern Theatre on January 15, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Soleil Moon Frye has revealed in her newly released documentary Kid 90 that her first consensual sexual partner was Charlie Sheen.

The Punky Brewster actress says she was 18 when she hooked up with Sheen, who was 29 at the time, calling him “so kind and loving,” Yahoo! reports.

Fyre said her experience with Sheen was the point she no longer considered herself a virgin, though Yahoo! reported that she said she was sexually assaulted when she was 17 by an unnamed man.

Of the unnamed assailant, Fyre wrote in her journal: “He asked if I’d say that he had raped me, but I wouldn’t. I was also to blame for my forwardness.”

In Kid 90, Frye is seen reading from a journal entry from December 18, 1994, where she describes “the most strange and incredible day ever,” comparing her encounter with Sheen to Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw getting together with Mr. Big.

She said of Sheen in the documentary that “he’s somebody I’ve had a crush on for years. He’s a person that intrigues me and excites me.”

44-year-old Frye says Sheen “was really kind to me, and I can only speak to my experience and my story with him.” In reflecting upon what she wrote about him in her diaries, she still believes he treated her “kindly and beautifully.” Even afterwards, she said that “in some of the most pivotal moments in my life, [Sheen] has checked in and [lent] his support.”

Kid 90 is currently playing on Hulu. Frye will also be Punky Brewster reboot airing on Peacock.