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I had the opportunity yesterday to go down to The Bell Auditorium for a presentation on the new design of the Augusta Entertainment Complex.  I wasn’t there for the initial meetings and discussions on this, but I was blown away!

The design is much bigger than I imagined.  And it’s incredible!  There was so much thought and detail put into the entire complex.  This design will bring the Bell and the James Brown Arena together with a centralized box office and concourse between the two.

The James Brown Arena will be around 10 stories high, with three different levels.  There will be really awesome meeting spaces, outdoor terraces, local art and more.  Inside, the design is amazing!  There will be open areas to socialize, while still being able to enjoy the show.

They included a beautiful brick design that’s made to look like a red curtain as well.  The architecture and design is very modern, but still holds on to the things I feel are important to Augusta history!

Check out this awesome video they shared with us that takes you through what it will look like!

What do you think?  Are you excited to see the changes?

This new design is set to start around the beginning of next year, and wrap up by September 2024.

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