Pink Blossoms and an Alarm Clock on an Old Wooden Table

It’s that time of year…  Daylight Saving time, which means it’s time to SPRING forward (March 14th)! While this does mean we lose an hour of sleep, we get to enjoy more daylight and all the fun spring brings!

On Saturday night (or Sunday morning), you’ll move your clocks ahead one hour.  It’s probably best to do it Saturday, so you’re not arriving at the wrong time for anything on Sunday!  It definitely is an adjustment every time we move the clocks– for days I’ll think about what time it would be if we hadn’t changed the clock!  Anyone else do this?

Time change is a great time to do some tasks that otherwise you might not think about- or that you need to do a couple times of year, but don’t have a set time.

Things like:

1. Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors– this could save your life!  If batteries have been replaced recently, at least test to ensure things are operating properly.

2. Checking/Restocking your emergency kit. Honestly– I don’t have one of these, but maybe now is a good time to start one!

3. Clean out your refrigerator, pantry and medicine cabinets.  It’s easy to let these areas fall to the wayside. Throw out old foods and expired medicines!

4. Flip or rotate your mattress- this helps with the longevity of your mattress!

5. Swap out your closet– if you rotate during the seasons.  Although, this one highly depends on the weather we’re having… and around here you never know!


Here are some more things you can do this weekend for Daylight Saving Time!


Do you have anything else you would add?