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How much time do you spend cleaning your house each week?  Do you clean more now than you did before the Covid-19 Pandemic?  Cleaning habits of course will depend a lot on many factors: how big your house is, how many people live there, if you have pets, if you are more susceptible to illness, etc.

According to a new survey by OnePoll, in the past year, the average time we spend cleaning has gone up and people are spending over 8 hours a week cleaning.  This is up from about 5 and a half hours a week!  That means we’re spending about 3 weeks of our year cleaning our homes.

From the survey, they found 79% of people believe the pandemic has made them more aware of bacteria and germs, plus 78% also are more aware of their own cleanliness habits.



  1. Clean more thoroughly 53%
  2. Clean more frequently 48%
  3. Clean more places than they did pre-pandemic 45%
  4. More likely to use heavy-duty cleaning products 40%
  5. More likely to choose disposable cleaning tools 40%

And when you think about the dirtiest areas/objects… what do you think of?  Many think of handles and knobs in the kitchen, but don’t stop to think about things like dishcloths and sponges, which can easily breed bacteria.  And when it comes to cleaning our cleaning supplies– most of us don’t even think about it!  Yikes!  Could we be just spreading the bacteria?

SOURCE: digitalhub

Do you have a set cleaning schedule, or do you clean as you see fit?  Do you break it down daily, or do big chunks of cleaning at once?