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There might be a juicy Kanye West documentary coming in the near future. Page Six reports that two streaming services have approached Kanye’s ex-bodyguard for details about when he worked for the rap star.

Steve Stanulis states, “Two studios approached me. They see this as a 48 Hours for real, or a Lethal Weapon for real. It comes from my mouth, I worked with [West] two separate times. Every day was a new adventure. There are a ton of stories I haven’t told.”

Stanulis worked for West in 2016, and was present for many memorable incidents, including the rapper’s Saturday Night Live meltdown. He has also called Kanye one of his “least favorite people” to work with, and has said he is the “neediest, moodiest, and the worse tipper” he’s ever worked with.

Since working with Kanye, the ex-bodyguard has spoken about working with Kanye many times, which has led to Kanye and Kim Kardashian threatening lawsuits against him. he also says that while working for the couple, he never signed a confidentiality agreement, although they dispute this.

Even though the stars have threatened legal action, Stanulis doesn’t seem too fazed. He even says he will air out the details of the lawsuits and threats in the upcoming project. “It starts off with $30 million lawsuit, and works backwards, with all the craziness,” Steve stated. “Why not address the elephant in the room?”

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