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Gorilla Glue girl seems to be in another sticky situation. Her hair is back to normal, but now she has to deal with fraud accusations associated with her GoFundMe page.

Per the New York Post, Tessica Brown announced she would donate the $20,000 plus dollars, but now the company will not let her withdraw funds.

Tessica said in an interview, “They won’t even release it to me because that many people have called and said it was a fraudulent account. Every time you look at it, it says it’s under investigation.”

A GoFundMe spokesperson made a statement and said they are in touch with Gorilla Glue girl and are “working with her on the withdrawal of funds.” They add, “Prior to the withdrawal, she must clearly state on the campaign page how she intends to use the funds.”

Since going viral, Tessica has edited the page to state the money was for expenses related to her ordeal. There is nothing on the page stating funds raised will go to a charity. As of right now, if you click on the page, it reads, “This fundraiser is no longer accepting donations.”

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