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More details are coming out surrounding the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash. Per the New York Post, federal safety regulators state that the pilot flew through thick clouds in violation of federal regulation and likely became disoriented.

They state that according to National Transportation Safety Board officials, “Before the Jan. 26, 2020, crash in Calabasas, California, Ara Zobayan climbed to 4,000 feet in a tightening left turn and then descended rapidly – a maneuver consistent with ‘spatial disorientation’ in limited visibility.”

According to NTSB Chairman Robert Sumwalt, “He was flying under visual flight rules, or VFR, which legally prohibited him from penetrating the clouds. However, as we’ve seen in so many accidents, this pilot continued his VFR flight through the clouds.”

The outlet also adds that there was no evidence that Kobe Bryant or anyone else on the helicopter put pressure on the pilot to complete the flight, but they add that he most likely put pressure on himself so no one was disappointed.

Official explain saying, “The pilot took pride in these positions with both the client and Island Express. They had a good relationship with the client and likely did not want to disappoint them by not completing the flight. This kind of self-induced pressure can adversely affect a pilot’s decision making and judgment.”

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