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Donald Trump had time before leaving office to pardon lots of people — but he didn’t pardon Joe Exotic (real name: Joseph Maldonado-Passage). And the Tiger King star is really upset about it.

On Twitter, he wrote, “I was too innocent and too GAY to deserve a Pardon from Trump. I only mattered to Don Jr. when he needed to make a comment about me to boost his social media post. Boy were we all stupid to believe he actually stood for Equal Justice? His corrupt friends all come first.”

According to CBS News, Exotic’s team was so confident he’d be pardoned, that they had a stretch limo waiting for him outside of the Fort Worth prison where he’s serving a 22-year sentence. Fox News reports that there was also a hair and makeup artist on hand, so Exotic “could spruce up before getting some fast food.” Alas, it was not to be.

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