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Rapping about red bottoms and Balenciagas that look like socks has paid off. Cardi B has officially been named Footwear New’s Influencer Of The Year.

Cardi B will officially receive her award during the 2020 Footwear News Achievement Awards show.

She talked about her fashion sense with the outlet, saying, “I’ve always been into fashion. Back then, I couldn’t afford what I wanted, now I can. It’s easier and I have more connections with brands.”

She adds, “I could wear the most uncomfortable shoe and I’m just going to take it and love it because it’s fashion, it’s beauty, it’s amazing, it’s different. I get bored, so that’s when me and my stylist [Kollin Carter], we get creative and come up with something new and amazing.”

Cardi B has an upcoming Reebok collection launching on November 13. The virtual FNAA airs on December 8.

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