People trick-or-treat in a Brooklyn neighborhood on Halloween night on October 31, 2015 in New York City. Throughout the country children and adults are dressing-up in costumes to both scare and entertain as they make their way through neighborhoods collecting candy treats.

I’ve seen my fair share of skeleton decorations this Halloween season, but none that were pole-dancing!


Without a doubt, one of the best parts of Halloween is the all-out decorations! Earlier this week a man in Texas had the cops called on him repeatedly because his Halloween set-up was so realistic that neighbors thought there were actual dead bodies in the yard… but to most people’s surprise, he didn’t end up having to take them down– which is more than this other fellow Texas resident can say.

Angela Nava of Richmond Texas isn’t particularly happy with her neighborhood HOA after they issued an order for the removal of her Halloween yard decor. ¬†What’s the issue, you may ask? The skeletons she has displayed are POLE-DANCING!

Angela thoroughly enjoyed decorating in this way, she even went on to say “we’ve all been cooped up and it’s a terrible year . . . it’s really been just a great creative outlet.”

This neighborhood HOA seemingly tried to ruin some good, honest fun by ordering her to remove the display, but they are giving her 30 days which actually takes us well past Halloween!


I think it’s safe to say Texas has the best Halloween decorations this year… LOL