A lot of parents are hesitant about taking their kids trick-or-treating this weekend, so why not switch it up a bit this year?!


If you aren’t feeling up to taking the kids door to door this year, here are a few fun alternatives that will certainly keep you and the family in the Halloween spirit!

  1. Halloween PiƱata — sure, it may not be the same as grabbing from a stranger’s bowl; but the mystery of what candy you’ll get is still there!
  2. Halloween Scavenger Hunt — make some spooky clues and hide candy or halloween goodies around the house or yard like Easter eggs!
  3. Movie Night — set up a picnic/camp out inside, pop in a Halloween movie, order some food, and open that bag of candy!
  4. Pumpkin Carving — typically carving is done earlier than Halloween night, but it may be a good way to keep the kids busy by saving it for later this year!
  5. Virtual Costume Party — most things have been conducted virtually this year; showing off your costumes and interacting with friends and family via zoom is always a solid option!

Whatever you decide, remember to stay safe and have fun!

People trick-or-treat in a Brooklyn neighborhood on Halloween night on October 31, 2015 in New York City.