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An Instagram user by the name of Celestialthug is getting a lot of attention after posting their two cents about Cardi B and other rappers owning Birkin bags.

They wrote, “sorry idc if this comes off as anti black but it is what it is. Birkins have literally lost their value. The city girls and Cardi have got y’all convinced that these birkin bags are easy to get. There’s a certain number of Birkin’s that are made per year. There are BILLIONAIRES who are spending months/years on a waiting list just to get one.”

“These bags are supposed to be exclusive and you’re supposed to be big in the fashion world and have relationships with these people to get one: that’s why Rihanna has a birkin bag that was only made twice, with Beyonce having the other one. A little rap duo from Miami who can’t even land a vogue cover or a number #1 do not have authentic birkin bags sorry.”

And because Cardi never backs down from speaking her mind, she responded.

On Instagram live, she said, “I’ve been seeing this tweet, right. It had me and it had other female rappers on it. They were talking about if we could get Birkins from the Hermés store, and they also saying how we depreciate the value of a Hermés Birkin bag. I find that really interesting because, first thing first, right. I definitely could get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from the Hermés store. I don’t wanna brag, but it’s like don’t even try it.”

“Second of all, why is it that y’all asking female rappers if they can get a bag from the Hermés store? Y’all don’t do these things to these white celebrities. So why is it you gotta be asking us? What the f—-? It just makes you want to brag like, ‘Bitch do you know who the f—- you’re talking to?’ But no, I’m not even going to take it there.”

Cardi added, “Another thing is that they’re saying we’re depreciating the value. Actually, we add value because when we mention brands in hip-hop, s—- go up. Let me tell you something, when ‘Bodak Yellow’ came out you could actually Google that they sales went up 1000 plus percent. They made an article out of it.”

“Hip Hop, we start trends. When y’all say that we devalue s—-, no, we actually add value. And another thing is, why when a Black girl, why when a Hispanic girl have a bag you have to question it?”

Later, Offset posted a photo of Cardi B with a variety of Birkin Bags. He captioned the pic, “Stop letting people on the internet tell ya’ll who can get a Birkin at the store, and how many Birkin’s you can get. Black people having access to luxury shouldn’t be a debate…by the way hip hop starts the trends!”

Watch Cardi B’s full response here.

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