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Justin Bieber has released an emotional new video for his single “Lonely.” In the clip, he gives insight into what it was like growing up in the spotlight.

To be honest the song is hard for me to listen to considering how tough it was to get through some of these chapters,” Justin says online. “I believe it is powerful to express vulnerability and that’s why I believe this song is so powerful.”

Writer and producer Benny Blanco also talked about the song on social media, and states that Finneas worked on the project with him and Justin. In a thread, he also talks about how personal the music is for all of them.

He said, “When we first wrote ‘lonely’ the world was a very different place… soon after it took on a whole new meaning i never thought it would… the first time i worked with justin bieber was in 2009. Throughout his career we worked a bunch of different times and were fortunate enough to share a lot of success together… we have had our ups and downs… ive seen him at his best… and i have seen him at his worst… and bc his life is so publicized so have many of u…”

He adds, “ive had long talks with justin where he questioned whether or not he should even put this song out bc its so personal… ive seen him moved to tears while singing it and not even be able to get thru the song… but thats what i love about justin… thats what we all love about him… he’s real… when he f—s up he apologizes… when he does well he smiles…”

“im so happy this song is coming out bc not only is it personal to justin me and finneas but we all get F—G lonely sometimes…and everyone is always trying to play superman and suppress their feelings and be strong all the time but its ok to take ur cape off and use it as a big f—g tissue when u need to.”

Watch “Lonely” here.

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