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Rihanna, a long time LeBron fan, celebrated the Lakers win by turning up. The singer posted a video of her and pal Jennifer Rosales decked out in Lakers gear, holding Lakers balloons, and singing Queen’s “We Are the Champions.”

During the video, she yells, “Bye bye, Miami” while flipping off the camera and dancing around.

Riri captioned her celebration video, “If you ain’t on this time right now…bye. Lebron remains king. Lakers are the champs and Kobe is proud. A.D thank you! #Congratulations.”

She also responded to a comment from a fan who called her out for switching the team she likes. The fan wrote, “Weren’t you a miami fan 6 seasons ago?” Rihanna responded, saying, “LEBRON fan! Always have ALWAYS WILL BE! Bye.”

Watch her celebration video below.

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