I haven’t laughed this hard in a LONG time! Theresa Jamieson stopped into a store to grab some face wipes, but didn’t look too closely at the packaging.

What’s worse than accidentally buying feminine wipes instead of face wipes? Having a conversation with the clerk about how you like to keep them in your purse to freshen up during the day!

“It’s so handy to have these; you can just whip them out and use them anywhere,” Theresa said to the cashier, still unaware that she had picked up the wrong kind of wipe. It wasn’t until the next day that Theresa realized that she had made the wrong purchase.

“I laid in bed thinking of everything I had said to this poor woman,” Theresa said. “So now I’m thinking should I go back and explain myself or find a new drugstore.”

Theresa Jamieson

Well I guess you could say there is another store I will be avoiding for awhile. Went into to grab some makeup wipes took them up to the counter to pay. As per my usual self I thought I'd make...

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