Fall Guys exploded onto the scene only a few weeks back, but just like Warzone, has been plagued by cheaters since it really burst onto the mainstage of Twitch. Even though it seems to be the easiest of the Battle Royales out there right now (no shade intended!!), there are still plenty of people looking for an edge by using speed hacks, enabling flight mode, and more.


After failing to make World’s despite their stellar first half of the Summer Split, Cloud9 release their head League coach, Reapered, who may be one of the best coaches in the entire world despite a disappointing end to their 2020 season. And, Activision continues to go to war with cheat makers as they blow up yet another hacker website, plus, Fall Guys invent an entire island to banish their cheaters off to.

Fall Guys Cheater Island

Fall Guys devs have attempted to solve this problem with multiple different answers, whether it is disabling sharing accounts, to beefing up their detection system, but there hasn’t been a clear cut answer on what exactly is working. However, the developers have just revealed what may have been their most effective tactic yet.

Instead of banning accounts, issuing suspensions, or taking away crowns, cheaters were going to be allowed to stay in Fall Guys. Sounds counter-productive, right? But instead of forcing them to bear the shame of a ban, instead, they are now banished to an island of all cheaters so that they will continue playing only against other cheaters.

“It was a magical place where cheaters could happily compete against themselves for the Cheater’s Crown,” the developers explained.

If you were flagged by the cheat-detection system, the “next time you tried to matchmake, you would only be able to matchmake with other cheaters.” Essentially, all cheaters were lumped into their own separate version of Fall Guys where they could only go up against one another.

Unfortunately, the devs did not expect as many cheaters as there just are in Fall Guys, so the Cheater Island was short-lived. Don’t worry cheaters, we will always have Cheater Island to remember each other.


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