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tWitch is the latest celeb to come forward and defend Ellen DeGeneres. Per Yahoo, the DJ and dancer had positive things to say about his boss.

He said, “We can’t speak too much legally about it, but I’ll say this, there’s been love. Obviously, there’s some things to address, but from my standpoint and from countless others, there’s been love. I’ll just leave it at that until there’s a time where we can address more publicly. There’s been love and there will continue to be love.”

tWitch has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2014 . He’s also appeared on Ellen’s Game of Games. 

Since all of the adverse claims have come out about Ellen and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, many celebs like Kevin Hart and Katy Perry have stepped forward to show support. There have also been some that have confirmed rumors that Ellen has been unkind.

Brad Garrett tweeted out that mistreatment by Ellen was “common knowledge.” Tony Okungbowa, Ellen’s ex DJ, also spoke on his time on the show. He said, “I did experience and feel the toxicity of the environment and I stand with my former colleagues in their quest to create a healthier and more inclusive workplace as the show moves forward.”

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