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Doja Cat recently went on Instagram Live and addressed those who criticized her recent chat room debacle, which we previously reported on. “If I went out into a crowd of white supremacists what do you think would happen? Think about that ’cause I just realized how f—-ing stupid that narrative is,” Doja Cat said referring to the rumors that she hangs out with white supremacists.

“I just realized that. The verbal harassment. The physical harassment that I could go through being in a crowd of white supremacists who you think I’m so good friends with. You’re f—-ing ridiculous!”

“I’m well aware that I’m recorded in chat rooms. I’m sorry. It is disappointing. To be honest, it took me a while to understand what the f—- is going on,” Doja Cat continued. “There’s young fans who are looking at me and think if I’m saying that word [the n word] that I should be saying it too. No!”

“My friends on Tinychat are not white supremacists. They love me and I love them. And you won’t find anything on them because your actions are stupid,” Doja Cat went on. “You might be smart but your actions are not telling. They’re just not… [shakes her head]. It just is what it is. You guys are f—-ing disappointing.”

“I have black skin. I have black features and you’re s—ing on them. And I just want to know where that logic comes into play,” she said. “I’m mad. I’m pissed off. This is just the beginning and I’m really f—-ing stressed out. I’m terrified of f—-ing stupidity. I’m so disappointed in you. Not my fans because my fans know what the f—- is going on.

Back in May, Doja Cat received a slew of backlash regarding old videos that resurfaced of the singer-rapper in online chat rooms with white men where she appeared to use the n-word but with a “hard r,” as well as a video where the singer talked negatively about her hair.

“The biracial artist — she is South African and caucasian — took to Instagram to issue a public apology and she also later took to Instagram Live to address the issues in more depth.


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